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Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts


Sometimes suddenly becomes one’s reality and that reality becomes your next journey. You will either face the challenge that suddenly brings to your front door, or bury it six feet deep. I'm not one to give up, neither have I viewed a glass as half empty. The glass has always been full based on its design, not the content it holds. So today, reach for the depth of your last breath and you just might find strength to breathe into someone whose interpretation may have been totally interpreted inside out.

Titus S. McMillan, PhD 


You Can Win Win Again

Wolf Cry - Gregory Porter
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Healing Inside of Me the Book ​

Dr. Titus McMillan is no stranger to pain and brokenness. During his youth, he encountered many situations that compromised his innocence, yet with the guidance and support of outstanding people in his life, he was able to overcome the obstacles to become the man he was created to be. The childhood nightmares ultimately ignited his passion for the psychology of the human mind in order to lead others to the place of healing within. He has the ability to immediately affect the heart, mind, and emotional resolution for individuals, couples, and families seeking counsel. He is both humbled and blessed to share Healing Inside of Me with others to help them discover that they too can find the courage to win again.  Read more...


There are many dimensions to holistic health and healing.  Healing Inside of Me provides various forms of therapeutic modalities to meet your unique wellness needs. 


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