Psychotherapy and Health Coaching for
Individuals, Marriage &  Family and Youth

Millions of people visit psychotherapists and health professionals every year, and research shows that people who do so benefit from the interaction.  Contact Dr. McMillian today to find out how you can begin your journey of healing from the inside out by clicking here. Therapy and coaching sessions are available in-person, online, via telephone and in group settings. Retreats, seminars and workshops are also available.

Inspirational Radio
Music, talk and more...

Loving Words to Create Change, hosted by Dr. McMillian is an honest, refreshing, empowering, fun and inspirational internet talk radio show.  A myriad of relevant topics are discussed to include faith, health, finances, relationships, community, mental health and more.

Therapeutic Photography
Healing through photos

For the past 15 years, Dr. McMillian has used photography as a form of therapy to bring insight, healing and transformation to his clients.  Through his creative work, he has helped others see life through a different set of lenses. He has garnered the attention of Grammy Award winning artists through his work. Discover how you can learn, heal, grow and enjoy life through photography at   

Community Outreach
2 Scoops of Hope

The mission of 2 Scoops of Hope is to share to the love of Christ based on the foundations of Faith and Hope.  Various outreaches are held throughout the year to bring the message of love, healing and restoration to the local community. Dr. McMillan can also support your outreach event with Italian Ices, sound, lighting, music and photography.